Desires of a Soul

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They say drake has a song for every emotion , God has the answer to every problem . ††

You know you got it bad when you wake up early in the morning just to finish a gig. Lmaooo

What’s the point of having a Taxi if we can’t get a ride Kim? 😒

I’m addicted to this Kardashian: Hollywood game but c’mon now there are some things that needs to be fixed!!!! I can’t even buy a house because I’m constantly spending money on dates and transportation and its not like I earn enough back from gigs. Not to mention the energy runs out faster than it comes back! The least your sponsors could do is add ways on how to earn energy back such as sleeping or whatever. And if I’m becoming so famous then why don’t I have fans running up to me for autographs? Lol. And why am I constantly doing the same gigs over and over? I really wish our avatars could walk too. Featuring more real-life celebrities would be nice also! Still live the game though. ☺



Are the hacks trust worthy I’m scared!! 😣😖

Yes :)))

Are they suppose to be asking for my address though?

Are the hacks trust worthy I’m scared!! 😣😖

I be missing niggas that don’t miss me, yeah I’m about that life…

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