Desires of a Soul

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Is it possible to have a soul tie with an individual without having sex or is that just lust? And is lust only considered as solely wanting a physical relationship with someone? And what if its not about anything physical at all?

History does indeed repeat itself. From fashion to forms of slavery, discrimination and whatever the hell else. Only thing is that they think they can get away with it a second time! What they fail to realize is that our minds aren’t recyclable like fashion. R.H


Are they really trying to silence us using the life of MLK? If anything his life shows even more so that when push comes to shove, you push harder. He lived and protested in a very peaceful manner and they still shot him, suit and tie and all! How dare they say that we ought to revert back into a…


They say drake has a song for every emotion , God has the answer to every problem . ††

You know you got it bad when you wake up early in the morning just to finish a gig. Lmaooo



Are the hacks trust worthy I’m scared!! 😣😖

Yes :)))

Are they suppose to be asking for my address though?

Are the hacks trust worthy I’m scared!! 😣😖

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